Abby's Closet

Our wish is that each “Abby’s Closet” be a source of assistance to these students and possibly even encourage their desire to learn and further their education. Abby’s Closets provide so much more than pencils and paper. Each space offers hope and acceptance while greeting students with Abby’s giving spirit.


Abby LOVED to play school and pretend to be the teacher. She also loved shopping for new school supplies each year. With that, came the excitement, curiosity, and wonderment of learning. We believe Abby may have followed her dream to become a teacher.


In this spirit, the Foundation is creating an “Abby’s Closet” in schools. This space is designated to stock the required supplies for each grade, and some fun funky stuff too. We know there are families who cannot provide even the basics to begin the year of replenish as needed in the following month. Our wish is that each “Abby’s Closet” be a source of assistance to these students and possibly even encourage their desire to learn and further their education. We have only one requirement – the students that can benefit from “Abby’s Closet” never feel outcast or needy. The purpose is so that they feel they belong.


Abby's Closets

Number of closets we've stocked since 2013

Abby’s Closet Locations

Elementary Schools:

  • Arnco-Sargent
  • Thomas Crossroads
  • Western
  • Willis Road
  • Cannongate
  • Welch
  • White Oak
  • Eastside
  • Poplar Road
  • Jefferson Parkway
  • Northside
  • Elm
  • Atkinson
  • Newnan Crossing
  • Ruth Hill
  • Brooks
  • Moreland
  • Heard County
  • Sharp Creek Elementary (Carroll County)
  • Odyssey Charter School
  • Kimball  (Kimball, WV)
  • Welch  (Welch, WV)
  • Fall River (Roderfield, WV)
  • Savannah (Aubrey, TX)

Middle Schools:

  • Arnall
  • Lee
  • Smokey Road
  • Evans
  • East Coweta
  • Booth Middle (Fayette County)
  • Heard County Middle
  • Villa Rica Middle

High Schools:

  • East Coweta
  • Newnan
  • Northgate
  • Heard County High
  • Central (Carrollton)
  • Villa Rica
  • Bowdon
  • Carrollton
  • Mt. View (Welch, WV)
  • Temple Middle School

Angel’s House:

  • Our House (Auburn, AL)

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Two of my students have struggled with supplies this year. Both are awesome kids and I try to help them when able, but both are shy to ask. Today both received some wonderful items from Abby's Closet. They were thrilled! One of the kids was in the bus zone telling me not only about her supplies but all about her new book about filling her bucket! Thank you so much for brightening the kids' day!

Oh my goodness, Timmy was SO PROUD of his new notebook that it almost made me cry!!!! He walked in class with it real quiet, so as not to draw attention. Then, during the next class he called me over and said, “Look, Ms. Mejia, I can really keep up with my stuff now!” He then proceeded to show me how it opens up in front and has a place he can store things… It was priceless!

I just wanted to share what a blessing Abby's Closet was for a student last week. Last Wednesday, I was called to the office by the secretary. When I got there, she pulled me aside and explained there was a lady and her two children enrolling. They were forced to leave their home in the middle of the night due to the abusive husband/father. I took the mother to Abby's Closet, and briefed her on the purpose of the closet and how it came to be. As I gather the things her children would need, I placed the items in our last two backpacks. When I handed the packs to the mother, she began to cry. I hugged her and said it would be okay. She went on to say, 'You don't know what this backpack means to my son. He is autistic, and one of his issues is with routine and he is obsessive about his belongings. He carries all that he considers valuable in his backpack. When we left last night, he had to leave his backpack. He became hysterical and I had no money to buy him a new one. He will be so excited to have a new backpack with 'his own' stuff in it, you have no idea.'

Good afternoon, Natalie, and Happy New Year! Update on supplies since the last inquiry---one binder given to a 6th grade boy. He was so excited that he beamed!

I worked with a 5th grade girl today whose parents are divorcing and there is a lot of turmoil in her home. We talked about her writing in a journal to keep in a special place just for her. When she told me she didn't have a journal I took her to Abby's Closet. She sat in the beanbag chair while I shared with her about Abby and why we have the closet. She picked out a fancy notebook with glitter on it to use as her journal. I also read her the 'Bucket...' book and then wrote her name in the copy and gave it to her. She couldn't believe she got to keep the book! ☺ It really cheered her up. Thank you for your partnership and blessing our students!

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