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Abby’s Angels Foundation has been created to forever honor our Angel Abby. We hope to be a bridge of support to families whose children give the Gift of Life through organ donation. With the assistance of guidance counselors and teachers, we also wish to provide school supplies to children in need through their local school system, and share awareness and education about safe and responsible teen driving and the dangers of distracted driving of any kind.

Abby's Closet

Abby loved school and learning, so we created Abby's Closet to provide school supplies for children in need.


Abby's Bracelets

Showing compassion towards others is truly a gift - sharing Abby's bracelet leaves them with a reminder of encouragement and prayers.


About Abby

Abby's Angels Foundation will be her legacy. A legacy of LOVE and GIVING. For there is nothing greater than this!


April is a very important month for Abby’s Angels Foundation. April is Organ Donation Awareness Month and Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Because of this, we hold our Rainbow Run & Family Fun Day in April. This April we challenge you to pledge to drive distraction free and to become an organ donor. Sign the pledge below to promise to honor your life, Abby’s life, and the other lives on the road.

Our Purpose

To encourage and inspire students in need by providing school supplies through the installation of Abby’s Closets, and to spread awareness and education about the importance of safe teen driving.

Latest News


Abby's Angels Foundation

Abigail Gracen Bacho was not unlike other nine year olds four days before Christmas. She was overflowing with joy, excitement, and wonderment for the upcoming holiday. On December 22, 2012, the Bacho family, which consisted of Abby, her two sisters, her mother and father, and her grandfather, had a full day of activities. They had been roller skating, to church, to dinner, and then on their way home, were going to see Christmas lights.......When everything changed. The Bacho family was involved in a horrible car accident. Abby and her father were life-flighted to separate hospitals in Atlanta. Abby's father would remain in a medically induced coma for 4 weeks. Our Abby would never recover from her injuries. Abigail Gracen Bacho became an Angel on Christmas Day. She gave the gift of all gifts on this day....The Gift of Life to other children. Abby's Angels Foundation will encompass everything Abby. Through this foundation, we invite you to know her......our extraordinary Abby. This foundation will be her legacy....A legacy of LOVE and GIVING....For there is nothing greater than this.
Abby's Angels Foundation
Abby's Angels FoundationThursday, May 17th, 2018 at 1:01am
We are honored to announce our 5th Abby's Angels Foundation $1000 College Scholarship recipient. We treasure building relationships with high schools while sharing our personal story, Abby's life, and our #1Life1Choice safe driving message. Abby's foundation is fortunate to spend time with Newnan High School twice a year. We also work with the Newnan HS Ambassadors, SADD, and Honor Society members during National Teen Driver Safety Week in October. So grateful for this support and recognition of our mission to be proactive and empower students to help us prevent lives taken by car wrecks. Thank you Newnan High School! Congratulations to Madeline Johnson for being an advocate to drive without distraction and with responsibility for others sharing the road. She leads by example for her friends, family and passengers. Madeline was very active as a Newnan Ambassador and Honor Society Member helping Abby's Angels promote safe driving on Newnan's campus this year and has pledged to continue this awareness. Thank you Madeline! Congratulations! Your dedication, hard work, and spirit are to be commended and celebrated! Psalm 91:11 #1Life1Choice
Abby's Angels Foundation
Abby's Angels FoundationTuesday, May 15th, 2018 at 5:44am
The TVOC driving course (www.tvoc.ws) Abby's Angels Foundation sponsors and supports in Coweta County is open to any young driver no matter their address. We are amazed when families travel from other cities to Newnan so their teen can learn these life saving skills. A perfect example of priorities when it comes to giving your child as much training and skill as possible. One of the Abby's Angels Foundation $1000 Scholarships is designated for a student who lives outside of Coweta County.
We are honored to share that Etowah High School Senior (Woodstock, GA) Kara Stanley is the 2018 recipient of this scholarship. Not only did she travel to Newnan to complete this class, but she accepts the responsibility and actively helps us share our #1Life1Choice safe driving message with her peers and family. Thank you Kara for your determination to help us prevent further tragedy from striking other communities in Georgia. We wish you much success as you begin a new chapter and extend our gratitude for believing in Abby's Angels mission. Psalm 91:11 #1Life1Choice
Abby's Angels Foundation
Abby's Angels Foundation shared Today Show's video.Sunday, May 13th, 2018 at 12:20am
For the mothers who carry their children in their hearts. Love is never ending. You are never alone. Psalm 91:11
Abby's Angels Foundation
Today Show
As Mother’s Day approaches, TODAY Parents recognizes those who carry their children in their hearts, not their arms. A mother’s love never dies.
Abby's Angels Foundation
Abby's Angels FoundationSaturday, May 12th, 2018 at 3:24am
Registration is now open for the next TVOC-Fear This 4 Life accident avoidance driving course in Coweta County. Space is limited. Register today for this life saving instruction given to your young driver. Don't forget there are $1000 college scholarships available to graduating seniors who have completed this class in Newnan. Dates are June 28 (classroom) July 1 (training sessions). Go to www.tvoc.ws to register.
We thank all who support Abby's Angels Foundation--YOU make this possible. Psalm 91:11 #1Life1Choice #HandsFreeGeorgia
Abby's Angels Foundation
Abby's Angels Foundation added 2 new photos — with Ashley Stephens and Jill Morelock.Saturday, May 12th, 2018 at 2:16am
For the first time in the three years Abby's Angels Foundation has presented college scholarships, we had the privilege of awarding 2 seniors a $1000 scholarship from Northgate High School. These students are passionate about helping us prevent further tragedies due to car wrecks, especially among their age group. They demonstrate our #1Life1Choice safe driving message by their actions while driving and through communication with their friends and classmates. They also have preventative-proactive plans ready to put into action. We are working on developing these ideas to benefit the driving youth in our community. Congratulations Ashley Ann Stephens and Abby Morelock!! You inspire us and we are honored to recognize and award you with the 2018 Northgate HS Abby's Angles Foundation Scholarship. Psalm 91:11 #1LIfe1Choice
Abby's Angels Foundation
Abby's Angels Foundation shared Fred Blankenship's video.Friday, May 11th, 2018 at 7:26am
Awesome....Drive Alert-Arrive Alive
Fred Blankenship from WSBTV in Atlanta sharing the Hands-Free Georgia message!
Abby's Angels Foundation
Fred Blankenship
Great Thursday Morning!!! Taking you all the way back with a little New Edition and Mr. Telephone Man. 🙂 Our beloved phones are great but never let them become too much of a distraction. It's never worth it. Have an amazing day. Let's get it!!

Our Events



5K Rainbow Run & Family Fun Day

April 21, 2018

April 21, 2018 will be a day to celebrate our Angel Abby and bring families together for a day of fun! Please join us as we honor Abby's gift of life on Christmas Day 2012.


Fear This 4 Life Course

Newnan First United Methodist/ Coweta Co. Fairgrounds
June 28, 2018

Do not miss this opportunity to save your child’s life by giving them the skills to prevent an accident. To prevent their life from ending or another innocent person sharing the road with them.


Rainbow Run

April 21, 2018 will be a day to celebrate our Angel Abby and bring families together for a day of fun! April is organ donation awareness month. Please join us as we honor Abby’s gift of life on Christmas Day 2012.


April 21, 2018 will be a day to celebrate our Angel Abby and bring families together for a day of fun!  April is organ donation awareness month.  Please join us as we honor Abby’s gift of life on Christmas Day 2012. 


For Sponsorship Opportunities click here.


The Family Fun Day immediately following the Rainbow Run is FREE and for all ages.  If you are interested in being a FOOD VENDOR or donate an item for our RAFFLE please e-mail 3sisters@abbysangelsfoundation.org.


A 5K Rainbow Run will start the day with lots of COLOR!  After the run, we will continue the celebration with Music, Food, Games, and a Raffle.  It will be a day to bring smiles and laughter to all – two things Abby loved to do:  Smile & Laugh!

ALL PROCEEDS go to Abby’s Angels Foundation.  Funding goes directly to:  Stocking supplies for each “Abby’s Closet” in area schools; supporting families whose children give life through organ donation; outreach programs for children in the SouthMetro Atlanta area who have lost a sibling; and informing drivers of all ages about the hazards of distracted driving.


This is a non-timed fun run for all ages and abilities!  Strollers are allowed, but please no pets. 


Event will take place rain or shine.  Please wear your race shirt or another white shirt to best display your RAINBOW!  Race shirts guaranteed for all registrations received by April 15.


Thank you for your continued support!

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Download the OFFICIAL 2018 Abby’s Angels registration form HERE!

Apply for a College Scholarship!

We’re now accepting applications for our Abby’s Angels Foundation 2018 College Scholarship! Visit our information page for application instructions.


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