College Scholarship

In the spirit of Abby’s legacy of love and giving, we are grateful to announce Abby’s Angels Foundation college scholarships.

Abby’s Angels Foundation is seeking high school seniors who have been accepted to a 4-year college or university and/or a trade school. The foundation will award $1500 to one senior from each of the following schools:

1. East Coweta HS
2. Newnan HS
3. Northgate HS
4. Senior graduating from a school outside of Coweta County
5. Senior graduating from a private/parochial school

The primary requirement is to complete the TVOC class.

Applications can be mailed to

1741 Newnan Crossing Blvd. Suite O PMB 154 Newnan, GA 30265 OR submitted online via

This scholarship goes beyond academics and activities and will honor students who desire to make a positive impact and honor our #1Life1Choice safe driving campaign.

Application Information

The Abby’s Angels Scholarship Committee will score the applications on a weighted scale. All applications and information will be kept confidential and no personal information will be shared outside the committee.

The following information is required to be completed and/or included in the application to be considered:

Name, address, high school, email, contact phone number, and letter of college acceptance.

Certification that you attended and completed one of the “Fear This 4 Life” defensive driving courses within the last four years.

Two letters of recommendation from a high school counselor, teacher, athletic coach, pastor, religious education instructor, or resource person within the community.  This person shall vouch for the applicant’s character and ability to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

An essay of 500 words or less on the following topic:

  1. “How I can make a positive impact on my peers with regard to distracted driving.”
  2. Tell us how you can help reduce the high rate of teen deaths due to destructive decisions while driving. How you can create more awareness on the value of life in the spirit of Abby’s Angels Foundation’s #1Life1Choice safe driving campaign.

One letter of verification from a resource person within the school, community, or church that the applicant is an active participant in extracurricular activities such as volunteering, clubs, athletics, band, etc.

Application Deadline is March 31, 2024.

Submit by e-mail to, or mail to our address.

PMB 154, 1741 Newnan Crossing Blvd East, Suite O
Newnan, GA 30265