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Abby’s Angels Foundation has been created to forever honor our Angel Abby. We hope to be a bridge of support to families whose children give the Gift of Life through organ donation. With the assistance of guidance counselors and teachers, we also wish to provide school supplies to children in need through their local school system, and share awareness and education about safe and responsible teen driving and the dangers of distracted driving of any kind.

Abby's Closet

Abby loved school and learning, so we created Abby's Closet to provide school supplies for children in need.


Abby's Bracelets

Showing compassion towards others is truly a gift - sharing Abby's bracelet leaves them with a reminder of encouragement and prayers.


About Abby

Abby's Angels Foundation will be her legacy. A legacy of LOVE and GIVING. For there is nothing greater than this!


Our Purpose

To encourage and inspire students in need by providing school supplies through the installation of Abby’s Closets, and to spread awareness and education about the importance of safe teen driving.

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Abby's Angels Foundation
Abby's Angels FoundationWednesday, February 10th, 2016 at 11:37pm
A split second changes lives forever. #1Life1Choice
Abby's Angels Foundation
RSA – Anatomy of a split second
Texting while driving makes you up to 23 times more likely to crash. So why do some people still do it? The answer is that if you’ve gotten away with it once...
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Abby's Angels Foundation
Abby's Angels Foundation shared End Distracted Driving's post.Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 at 5:33am
"Glove Your Phone" while driving! Great advice and info for ALL to share! Adults and teen drivers alike. Parents, set the example and be the driver you want your teen to be. Teens, no message or text is worth your life or someone else's. #1Life1Choice Psalm 91:11
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Abby's Angels Foundation
Abby's Angels FoundationSunday, February 7th, 2016 at 3:54pm
Register today for the 3rd annual Rainbow Run April 16, 2016 by visiting www.abbysangelsfoundation.org! Join us and be a HERO as we strive to make a difference sharing Abby's smile and giving spirit. Watch our very 1st race and see all of the colorful fun waiting for you! Psalm 91:11 #1Life1Choice
Abby's Angels Foundation
Abby's Angels Foundation Fun Run 2015
This video is about Abby's Angels Foundation Fun Run 2015
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Abby's Angels Foundation
Abby's Angels FoundationSaturday, February 6th, 2016 at 4:34am
School supplies are needed all through the year. We are discovering the rise in needs at the beginning of the 2nd part of the school year as well. New students, change in life situations, new classes for the second term, financial struggles. Because of your support and generosity, Abby's Angels Foundation can meet these basic needs for the student's success. Thank you to our teachers and counselors who embrace this mission and help us carry out this work everyday quietly and respectfully. All while sharing the life and love of a bright eyed, energetic forever 9 year old little girl. Thank you for helping us provide these school supplies in each Abby's Closet. Thank you for helping us pass along a little kindness one smile at a time.
Psalm 91:11
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Abby's Angels Foundation
Abby's Angels FoundationThursday, February 4th, 2016 at 2:28pm
Saturday, March 5th sessions for the Fear This 4 Life Driving Course are sold out. Sunday sessions are now open. Thank you for this response. Register your teen driver today before the class is closed. Sharing a message sent to Woodrow Gaines(Founder) from a parent in Savannah, GA. Her son completed this class. Take the time to read her note. #1Life1Choice

A message I sent to Mr Gaines tonight. ..I wanted to share: Last evening my son,( your former student from your last class in Savannah) was involved in a car accident....thankfully everyone is ok....one of the first things he said to me when I got to the scene was he avoided striking a car that stopped suddenly in front of him because of the training he learned in your class. ..unfortunately he was struck from behind before it was said and done. ...but he instinctively reacted appropriately to avoid a collision thanks to the in car course training he received. ....my other son was with him last night. ....and now is looking forward to getting in your class (we will travel if we have to).....thank you so much for what you and your colleagues do for our teens. .....thank you just isn't enough. ....I am one grateful parent! Have a great evening! Lisa Carter, Savannah Georgia
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Our Events



Fear This 4 Life Course

Newman First United Methodist/ Coweta Co. Fairgrounds
6 PM

Do not miss this opportunity to save your child’s life by giving them the skills to prevent an accident. To prevent their life from ending or another innocent person sharing the road with them.


5K Rainbow Run & Family Fun Day

275 Pine Road Newnan, GA 30263
9 AM

April 16, 2016 will be a day to celebrate our Angel Abby and bring families together for a day of fun! Please join us as we honor Abby's gift of life on Christmas Day 2012.

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Apply for a College Scholarship!

We’re now accepting applications for our Abby’s Angels Foundation 2016 College Scholarship! Visit our information page for application instructions.


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Rainbow Run

Planning is well underway for our 3rd annual Rainbow Run & Family Fun Day.  Join us for a COLORFUL day as we celebrate Abby’s life, family & friends, and our community.


This very special day and the work of Abby’s Angels Foundation would not be possible without your support.  Thank you for your consideration to partner with us April 16, 2016.


For Sponsorship Opportunities click here.


The Family Fun Day immediately following the Rainbow Run is FREE and for all ages.  If you are interested in being a FOOD VENDOR, SHOPPING VENDOR, or donate an item for our RAFFLE please
e-mail 3sisters@abbysangelsfoundation.org.


We LOVE our volunteers!  If you would like to VOLUNTEER we have lots of opportunities.  E-mail 3sisters@abbysangelsfoundation.org for more information on how you can help.  THANK YOU!

More Information on the Rainbow Run Event

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